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Author Topic: Thermal Chondroplasty  (Read 3552 times)

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Thermal Chondroplasty
« on: October 20, 2002, 05:30:03 PM »

I've been reading/writing posts here and one particular article is, I think, worth reading for anyone who is facing their first knee procedure: debridement, or chondroplasty.
I found the article on the website of


It addresses the problems associated with the use of heat lasers in chondroplasty.  Apparently they can cause a great deal of additonal damage, as the heat can kill viable articular cartilage.  So while to the eye it looks as though the defect has been nicely smoothed out, underneath the surface the cartilage are dying off.....
I am now quite sure that this is what happened to me when my supposedly very simple plica excision went so wrong.
To make a long post shorter:  if you are facing this type of  surgery, make sure your OS is NOT going to use thermal lasers!!!!
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