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Author Topic: General Rehab: ROM, stretch and strengthening ideas  (Read 206 times)

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General Rehab: ROM, stretch and strengthening ideas
« on: April 28, 2018, 11:17:09 AM »
I had the idea to make a general topic about possible exercises, helpful tools or any good ideas about how to improve your ROM, stretch and strenght and so on before and after knee surgery. Now I often see specific ideas on topics which could be useful for everybody.

Of course you should always ask your PT if you are allowed to do these and it should be painfree, but that are general rules.

To start easy I am starting with  the most common advice:
- Just after surgery start increasing your ROM. For me CPM was very helpful.
- Then after ROM has increased move on to the stationary bike to keep your ROM and get some strenght in your quads again. Improve resistance based on what you can handle. My PT told me it is better to slowly cycle on higher resistance then very fast on low.
- Whenever you are off NWB try to get the normal walking movement again, called gait. Start with low weight on it but make sure the movement is right and then improve.
- What I have often read here but not yet experienced myself is walking in water might be a great way. It might help with gait problems but also slowly improving strenght.

Then some advice of my PT:
- At my second visit I got an resistance band. He said it improves the power of all exercises because you both get push and pulling forces. They are very inexpensive and in different resistances (light to very heavy). I got an heavy at first. I read a little about m, it is also possible to use m to make some exercises a bit easier if they are too hard at first.
- On my last physio training (so far) I tried leg extensions with a 1 kg ankle weight. You can make a do it yourself (ankle) weight very easy. Get a very long sock and tie a knot in the footpart, fill it up with anything heavy but tiny (rice, sand, ...) and then tie the other end in a knot as well the way you have a few cm of room on each side left. You can now just tie it around the ankle. I made 2 500 gram rice weights. On internet there are a lot of examples if I wasnt clear enough.

So this to start with. Im very curious about your ideas and advices from PT or anywhere.

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Re: General Rehab: ROM, stretch and strengthening ideas
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2018, 12:01:53 PM »
There are a number of rehab resources in the learning porfolio, such as

However you should only do exercises specifically designed for you and your own specific issue/surgery, hence important to rehab with a physio who is familiar with the issue and the surgeon's specific protocol
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