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Author Topic: Dislocated knee, reconstructed ACL, MCL & LCL - recovery expectations?  (Read 275 times)

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Afternoon all,

I dislocated my right knee in a motorbike accident in Nov '17, with a full tear of MCL, LCL and ACL in addition to fracturing my fibia.

I had reconstruction surgery on the LCL and MCL using synthetic ligaments (LARS I think - I'm in Spain so the terminology is a little different) two weeks following the accident, and then the ACL done 3 months later with a donor allograft. I'm now at two months post the ACL op and 5 months post first op.

I've been on daily physio sessions of about two hours from early December last year, apart from a break of 3 weeks after the ACL was done. Progress has been fairly steady until now, when I feel things have plateaued a bit. I started the first session of physio session with a ROM of 15deg following my leg having been immobilized for 4 weeks, 2 weeks priopr to the op and two weeks after until the staples came out. That slowly but steadily improved to get up to about 120 deg prior to the second (ACL) op. Lost about 30 deg post op but regained them pretty quickly in a couple of weeks after restarting physio again.

Current situation is a comfortable ROM of 120 deg and following a two hour physio session and really pushing it, can get up to about 140.  My knee is still very stiff first thing in the morning, and still quite swollen - nothing compared with at the start post 1st op, but a long way off resembling a normal knee. I can walk quite well, not completely back to normal yet, but can manage an hours walk at a reasonably good pace quite well with a little bit of additional swelling and stiffness the following day.  Have started doing a bit of cycling also recently without too much difficulty. Light jogging etc I feel is still prob a few months off.

It would be great to hear from any others who have had similar surgeries and experiences re timescales for getting up to a maximum level of of mobility and ROM. My physio says that the swelling will slowly keep going down but could be anything up to a year or more before it starts to resemble the other knee again (and probably will never be fully back to normal). Stiffness wise, I'm hoping this will also slowly but surely improve also.

As I feel things have plateaued a bit now in terms of ROM and swelling reduction, I'd really appreciate any feedback, experience or advice on how the next 6 - 12 months might be likely to go.

Wishing everyone a speedy and strong recovery!!

Many thanks