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Author Topic: Solution to tight vastus lateralis - is it replaceable?  (Read 300 times)

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Solution to tight vastus lateralis - is it replaceable?
« on: April 25, 2018, 11:21:27 PM »
It looks like Dr. Jonathan Glashow in NYC is good to have a consult with. Many great google reviews. Also Dr. Hubbard.

I am in terrible pain because a surgeon (Dr. Michael Woolfrey from Brantford, Ontario, you can read my google review if you like) did an abrasion arthroplasty over my lateral condyle and damaged the nerves. After many surgeries the area near the where the vastus lateralis connects to the patella has turned extremely dense and tight with an adhesion on top.  As you know, each muscle turns to tendon where it is attached to bone. So the patella is pulled into the damaged condyle and sits on it all night and I wake up in horrific pain and it sometimes goes away by evening. I bet if I see the best surgeons in North America somebody has a solution. I am waiting to see Dr. David Backstein. He is in THE TOP 22 NORTH AMERICAN KNEE SURGEONS I have read that he has worked with artificial tendons. I looked for somebody to do a high tibial osteotomy but most new surgeons won't do this since it is believed to make the patient worse off in the long run. Note I have used acupuncture many times although I had to order custom order thicker needles, .4mm because the .3mm would bend to easily. I have made some progress loosening it up. If you know steaks, we're talking shank rather than loin. The cartilage looks good as the last surgeon pointed out, just a bit thin. Stretching is impossible because that just pulls the patella against the damaged condyle.  Believe me, I've tried message, foam roller, a wooden peg I use to massage the area with great force. I have a chiro that uses the Theralase TLC 2000 on it. I also have tried VMO exercises and cycling but no luck. I don't know if the vastus lateralis tendon can be replaced and thus extended. I don't know if it can be attached to the patella. Artificial tendons are becoming more common. Maybe it is possible to surgically stretch it. Any ideas are welcome. Maybe one day they will invent a substance that breaks down scar tissue. Regardless, I know I have to talk to the best surgeons in the world. I have $200,000 to spare and I can travel to any hospital in the United States. Of course it is free if Dr. David Backstein in Toronto could do it and it takes a year to get into see him. I'm lost on trying to find the best surgeons in the U.S. for this. Maybe I contact both Cleveland and Mayo clinics? The link I showed on best surgeons is from "Orthopedics this week", owned by "Robin Young Consulting Group". It is full of advertisements. Maybe the "best" surgeons are the ones that buy their advertiser's supplies? Ratemds is a scam. The surgeon that botched my knee had many bad reviews that vanished. Ratemds make their money by surgeons paying them to remove bad reviews.

So in conclusion I think a surgeon who works with synthetic tendons is my first choice right now. I've talked to many surgeons here but none do such advanced work.

Thanks in advance,

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