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Author Topic: Revision ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair  (Read 246 times)

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Revision ACL reconstruction and meniscus repair
« on: April 24, 2018, 06:11:19 PM »
Hi everyone. I am hoping to get some feedback. I tore my ACL in 1999 playing volleyball , and had it reconstructed a few weeks later. It healed fairly quickly, although it was never quite the same. I have always been active, jogging, tennis, spin etc 5 days a week. Skip to 2017(now 37 years old) and I retore my ACL with meniscus tear. I also happened to become pregnant same time and got a provoked DVT (blood clot) about 6 weeks later. I had revision ACL reconstruction and meniscal repair about 10 months after I retore my knee due to complications(pregnancy and clot). I am now 4 months out of surgery and still have major swelling and ROM has not improved in about a month, still at about 110-115 after working with it at PT. My surgeon says it will just take longer, to give it more time to heal. I am wondering if anyone has experience with a revision, as from what I understand it is very different from a primary ACL reconstruction. Longer rehab and longer recovery in general. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. I try to stay positive but the pain is pretty bad and seems to be getting worse. Could this be because swelling is finally going down slowly? Or could pain be bc muscles are still so atrophied? I go to PT 2/3 times per week, I work out with personal trainer two days a week (although mostly upper body as my leg is so weak, we do wall squats and other typical physical therapy exersizes) and and am on feet a lot as I have a newborn and two other children.
Any experiences would be so appreciated!
Thank you

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