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Author Topic: Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (MACI) - Blog #1 (April 2018)  (Read 363 times)

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Hi everyone,

I am undergoing the MACI procedure in early May 2018 (USA-based surgery). As most posts on this topic are now a few years old, I thought I might start a journal post that chronicles this adventure, in the hope that this may help someone else make an educated decision on the fate of their knee.     

Male 45: 6ft: 190lbs:
In August of 2017, my ACL ruptured in a fairly spectacular and painful fashion playing a fun game of soccer. The first surgery (September 2017) replaced the ACL (allograft) and put a few stitches into the meniscus to repair a small tear. However, once they were in my knee the surgeon discovered that the  medial condyle cartilage had been severely damaged. The injured-induced full-depth lesion was about 10-15cm2 in size. The surgeon cleaned out all the loose piece of cartilage at the same time as he replaced/repaired the ACL and meniscus. Post-surgery the surgeon indicated that the damage to my knee cartilage was beyond anything he could repair and suggested that it was at the upper limit of what ACI/MACI procedure could reasonably hope to repair. He did refer me onto another surgeon with much more experience in the MACI procedure. 

The new surgeon, scoped and biopsied my knee in January 2018.  He suggested that the damage, while extensive, was repairable with MACI procedure. He also suggested that a high tibial osteotomy (HTO), at the same time as the MACI procedure, would increase the chances of a good outcome.  My knee was too painful not to do anything, and after other consults with Drs' about partial knee replacements and other surgical/none-surgical options, I have decided to push ahead with MACI/HTO procedure.

After undergoing this procedure, it is my hope that I am able to return unrestricted sports and activities, especially activities that involve being active with my two young children. 

The surgery itself it scheduled for early May 2018, and believe it or not, it is scheduled as an outpatient procedure! The plan is to be discharged from hospital within 23hrs of the surgery (not my plan - the joys of health insurance companies dictating the process).     

2-weeks and counting!  more to follow!   
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Re: Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation (MACI) - Blog #2 (May 2018)
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Had the surgery 9:30am Monday morning and was discharged from hospital on Tuesday at 5pm. Flew a 3hr flight home on Wednesday morning. To say flying was a miserable experience would be an understatement. Even though I had row 1 on the plane, the bulkhead was too close to my seat to allow me to straighten my leg.... so I had to bend the leg a little for the flight. Rows 2-5 would have been a better choice. 

Anyway, I made it home. Days 3 and 4 are pretty intense with the pain, especially when standing. Knee flexion (cpm) is pretty easy at 40 degrees.

Surgeon said everything went well: 2-axis HTO and a layered MACI. 

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That flight must have been a challenge, coming more or less right out of surgery!
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