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Author Topic: Cartiform on Patella and MPFL Repair  (Read 729 times)

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Cartiform on Patella and MPFL Repair
« on: August 06, 2018, 06:55:35 PM »
Hello all,

Iíve noticed that there are not many entries regarding Cartiform so I thought Iíd add my experience as I heal and would love to hear from you all along the way to see if my progress sounds normal!


I am a 38 yo female that does not play sports. 5í3, 120 lbs. I have 3 boys and run a fairly busy birth center delivering babies. About two months ago I ramped up my strength training to 5x per week with a trainer and incorporating heavy weights. On July 11 I was simply standing near our home gym and turned quickly and the next thing I know Iím on the ground in pain. We happened to have a doctor friend at our house at the time and he performed a ROM test and we quickly concluded I must have bruised or strained something. However, I could not weight bare or stand and immediately started swelling. MRI showed mild fractures of patella and femur, many contusions, moderate MCL sprain and the most significant finding of a loose body cartilage (found out was 2cm after surgery) that was displaced.  Consensus from two different surgeons was that we had to remove it and while in there he would repair (not reconstruct) my MPFL since it was torn but still had attachment.

On July 20 I underwent the procedure having patella everted and 2cm of cartiform transplanted along with MPFL repair.

Hereís my notes I have taken from the first two weeks post op. Itís really been a roller coaster. Seems especially hard since it was so unexpected.

Day of surgery 7/20 (9 days after injury)
Woke up very groggy after surgery. Felt fine at hospital with no pain or nausea. Ate some crackers, juice. Nurse didnít think I needed nausea med because I wasnít feeling nauseous. The moment we got in the hot car I got queasy and thatís when it began. I believe it was 104 degrees outside. Had a panic attack waiting in car for hubby to get meds at Walgreens due to heat and nausea and the time it was taking?  Nose was itching for some reason (meds?)
Very nauseous all day, but limited pain.

Post Op Day 1- Absolute worst pain ever and I have had 3 unmedicated births! My max dose of hydrocodone was 10mg every 4 hours and it would wear off in 3 hours 😭. Nausea gone so I can eat a little more than crackers.  So groggy. Falling asleep randomly because of meds.

Post Op day 2-  Stayed on top of meds and pain was better. Still groggy. First time in CPM machine. About died at first, but then got used to it. Had to work up to 30 degrees.

Post Op Day 3-  Hubbyís bday. Had a couple visitors. Not in the mood 😳

Post Op Day 4- Depression really setting in. Family seems to be getting tired of doing things for me.  I need help moving my leg into and out of CPM machine. Help getting leg in and out of bed. (It just feels incredibly unstable even with brace)

Post Op Day 5- first PT appointment. She said swelling measured 1.5 cm more than other leg. Went fine. Barely taking pain meds.

Day 8- first outing other than PT. Brother in laws house house for bday party. Sat on their couch with cpm th e entire time.  Not needing anything for pain. Leg still in full extension. Starting to be able to do a little more for myself as far as getting my leg in machine if itís within pulling distance.

Day 10 - f/u appt with PA and Dr. Nguyen. Took off bandages, revealed 8 cm long incision. replaced with new steri-strips that can get wet. Unlocked my brace allowing to bend up to 90 degrees. (Iím scared to death) I feel like Iím starting all over with recovery 😭. So unstable like my kneecap is going to explode. Getting out of office on crutches was difficult. This is such a roller coaster.
Went to PT a couple hours later. Felt a little more loose after. Now Iím back to needing help moving my leg again.

Day 11- really trying to do all my exercises and having trouble activating my quad. Getting discouraged that I wonít be walking well for our trip to Greece in 8 weeks. This seems like such a long road with only baby steps.

Day 12- sitting outside on back balcony for the first time since surgery. Realizing I will never take working knees and legs for granted ever again. This is the hardest physical trial I have ever had. Feeling stressed about not being able to work.

Day 13- took my first shower in 3 weeks 😳. It was exhausting and wonderful at the same time. Balanced on right leg the whole time. Went to football mtg tonight for son and could not properly prop my leg for 1.5 hours. Had pain and extra swelling. Took hydrocodone early for the night.

Day 14- PT today. Felt like I made no progress. Not quite able to get to 60 degrees on CPM. Feeling a little down. The goal on paper was that my flexion would be at 60 by day 14.

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Re: Cartiform on Patella and MPFL Repair
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2018, 06:39:27 AM »
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