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Author Topic: Quad Tendon Rehab Swelling  (Read 1656 times)

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Quad Tendon Rehab Swelling
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:40:28 PM »
I had a complete rupture of my quad tendon on January 8th, surgery on the 10th.  I've been taking PT since January 20th.  I've made progress with my ROM and strength.  I'm in my 4th month and do not have pain.  But with each rehab session whether resistance training, using a stationary bike or elliptical machine I have swelling in the same place.  My therapist wasn't concerned.  I'm now on a home rehab program and the swelling continues, is this normal?
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Re: Quad Tendon Rehab Swelling
« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2018, 07:00:32 AM »
It's been awhile since this was posted, but I thought I'd share for anyone else who comes along and reads it....

I have something similar going on. My swelling is always above my knee, in what's called the supra-patellar pouch. It's basically the area just above your knee and at the bottom of your quad. For some reason this time around, that's where my swelling keeps accumulating, and it did so before the surgery too.

Before my surgery, I was having severe mechanical issues from a loose piece of articular cartilage bumping around in my knee for weeks. The swelling/inflammation progressed to where my quads weren't firing correctly, especially in THAT area. My PT and surgeon said it may be part of the current issue, but it might also just be THIS knee's way of swelling each time we stress it.

All I can say is after 10 knee surgeries, this is the most bothersome and painful swelling I've had. It keeps limiting how much I can work that leg's quads, so we're just taking it slow and steady. According to my PT and surgeon, inflammation shuts down the muscles, so keeping the swelling to a minimum is key to continuing to build strength/endurance....meaning I ice the thing 6-7X a day!!!  :P

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