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Author Topic: 1 year, 4 surgeries, still have knee pain, inferior pole of patella  (Read 245 times)

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Hi all,

I am a 21 year old female college-athlete. Last April 2017 I got ACL reconstruction. Six-weeks post op I developed pain which prevented me from doing step ups and squatting motions. I got a PRP injection which almost felt like it made the pain even worse.

To describe the pain - I can walk without feeling any pain however the minute I bend my knee a little more than a normal walk I have sharp pain on the lateral side of my tendon/where it connects to the patella bone. Walking up stairs, squatting, lunging anything that involves bending with pressure causes an awful, unbearable pain in my knee.

In September 2017 my surgeon went in and shaved down my femur hoping that was the issue -  no fix. At the end of November a different surgeon went in after he saw there was minor calcification, so he shaved down this - no fix. March 2018 they realized after doing a CT scan that my patella bone never accepted the bone graft where they removed my patella tendon. Therefore it left a huge hole in the inferior pole of my patella bone. The surgeon went in and microfractured the patella then filled it with DBM and PRP, then covered it with bone cement. I am six weeks out from that surgery and still have the exact same knee pain I have been dealing with for the last 11 months. I attached the CT scan of the missing bone which since has filled in based on post-xrays but I still have not had any improvement with my pain.

I am wondering if it may be Hoffa's syndrome, however I don't test positive for it but the sharp pain that never gets better makes me think it may be this?

Does anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?
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