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Author Topic: Divit then bulge in knee during bending after acl reconstruction  (Read 313 times)

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Here is a video  of the outside of my knee (lateral side of top of patella adjacent knee cap) getting hung up, creating like a suction dimple and then it getting filled in as something rolls into place. Does not feel good when happens. I had ACL reconstruction surgery using bone patella bone graft 3 weeks ago. Happened for first time after 50 cc of fluid drained 10 days ago and been happening ever since. It happens at approx at 30 degrees on occasions at every step when walking. Doesn't happen in motion machine or very seldom with no weight on knee. On a few occasions a loud uncomfortable popping noise can be heard in room. PT did some skin tape that helped for a day reduce the intensity of the catching, but then it became not effective. I believe this is the direct cause of my swelling. Was making great progress, but can't walk normal comfortably and regressing with this issue. I have great range of motion for my time frame, 0 degrees to 135 degrees. They've already removed 50 cc of fluid, but could this be more fluid trapped?  Anyone had this happen? How to correct it? Any ideas are appreciated!

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Re: Divit then bulge in knee during bending after acl reconstruction
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I can't really comment on the video and what it means in terms of your situation. What does your OS think about all of this?
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