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Author Topic: TPF with paraplegia, no sensation and osteoporosis  (Read 494 times)

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TPF with paraplegia, no sensation and osteoporosis
« on: April 12, 2018, 05:41:04 PM »
Hi. New here. 56 yrs male. TPF in 3 places and fractured fibula 2 weeks ago. Minimal displacement. My injury is complicated by the fact that I was already a paraplegic wheelchair user, can only weight bear with specialist equipment. Discovered osteporosis about 10 years ago when I fractured my NOF and repair was very difficult because of crumbling bones. So with this fracture the specialist is taking a conservative route and has fitted me with a knee brace and is hoping for a natural heal. I have no feeling below the knee but do have neuropathic pain which os off the scale right now, presenting as it normally does just above and left of the broken knee. Broken leg is swollen to twice the size of the other one and yellow but black bruising is mostly gone. Leg is much hotter than the other, but again paraplegia means legs are usually very cold, the broken one I guess is at "normal" temperature for a non paralysed person. Trying to keep horizontal as much as I can for now.

So a few questions if I may -

1- is the yellow colour and heat normal/how long should it last
2- is it safe to bend the knee (the brace is not fixed and will bend)
3- is it safe to move around in my wheelchair
4- is it safe to remove the brace when the leg is horizontal and supported
5- given that I drive with hand controls anyway with my leg mostly straight when will it be safe to drive.
6- when will it be safe to return to assisted cycling type exercise
7- will it ever be safe to stand up in a standing frame and weight bear
8 -given my osteoporosis will the bone ever heal fully

Thanks so much for any advice you can offer - I had no idea these kind of fractures were so serious, in fact I waited 2 days before I went to hospital to get checked out!

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Re: TPF with paraplegia, no sensation and osteoporosis
« Reply #1 on: April 17, 2018, 01:11:51 AM »
Hi Chris-

Iím sure people would love to help you, but your situation is so unusual itís hard to.

I am not a medical professional and my best advice is to ask your doctor. S/he would know if you are allowed to bend the knee, and to what extent. This is something you must know as losing range of motion is a side effect that can have a huge impact on your mobility. They must also guide you on when you can resume various exercises, in the use of your brace, and possible pain medications. Write a list of questions for your doctor, and politely insist on getting answers.

Some additional general thoughts: What I worried about a great deal after my TPF was encouraging circulation to the knee. I was really worried about my cartilage (which I had pretty much decimated) as well as encouraging new bone growth. So in my case I did a lot of straight leg lifts and later added gentle cycling movements. I also worked on my extension and flexion fairly soon after my surgery (but I had a plate and screws to hold my bones together and you donít).  I would ask my doctor about doing those if itís within your ability. I also used arnica to increase circulation, this may help with your bruising. Many people ice their knee to help with swelling. The heat is often a normal sign of inflammation.

Lastly, try googling to find information about the special situation you are in.  Here is one link I found that may be of interest:

Youíve got it doubly hard so you need to make sure you get the correct information to best heal yourself.  Best of luck, Chris.

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