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Author Topic: cracked femur bone on bone arthritis  (Read 242 times)

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cracked femur bone on bone arthritis
« on: April 12, 2018, 01:52:00 AM »
I injured my knee when my autistic son jerked me around the room. I went to the er in the middle of the night because I couldnt walk on it. I thought it was just simple arthritis. They didnt take exrays or examine it much, but gave me a shot of tordal. Which had no effect on the pain. So for four or five days I had horrible pain and could barely walk. I went to my drs several days after the pain subsided a bit and they took an MRI. I didnt see the orthopedic dr until about a month after the injury and initially they thought it was a total ACL tear, so I wore an imobilizer brace for about two weeks. Come to find out at ortho appointment that the ACL tear probably has been there since my early twenties when I had my first knee surgery and they didnt fix it. Im fifty four now. Actually what was up was a crack in the femur head through what little cartridge I have left and its from bone on bone arthritis, OA. theres fuid and bone marrow in my joint space a possible cyst and the tibia has white marks on it. Which I cant remember what that is. It is painful still but nothing lke it was. Anyone have experience with this? Im wearing  hinged brace part of the time now. I cant have any surgery or shots until my A1C is down below eight, Im in the US by the way I dont know how that translates in british english. Anyone with diabetes having this concern? I also want to know does a cracked femur spell troubles with a TKR ? My patella shows mild chondral thinning. And mild to moderate tricompartmenatal oestophytes are present. What does that all mean?