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Author Topic: Patella pain when running, and under load. Is it tendonitis?  (Read 698 times)

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Patella pain when running, and under load. Is it tendonitis?
« on: March 20, 2018, 05:19:14 PM »
Hello; i am pretty sure i have a mild case of patella tendonitis.

My symptoms are:
- I feel a sting/strain sensation under my kneecap on impact while running.
It pretty much goes away instantly if I am not running
- I don't feel it walking up or down stairs
- I don't feel it on the stationary bike or cycling outside with high cadence (low resistance), no hills
- I feel a bit of sting on the leg press with heavy amount of load

Have to add I had an ACL allograft 7 months ago, and I eased my way into running.
-4 months post op, started the Anti gravity Alter G treadmill
-5 months post op, started on the treadmill, worked my way up to 5K
-6 months post op, started running outside, worked my way up to 5K

Starting at 5 months post-op...was pretty much running every other day.
But i introduced a spin class for the first time since the surgery on a wednesday, felt fine afterwards.
Went for a morning run thursday, i beleive i felt some discomfort at the end of that run.
Then Friday at Orange Theory fitness, I felt a sharp pain under my kneecap on the treadmill.  pretty much had a sting feeling with impact.
I jumped on the stationary cycle to finish out the class, which did not hurt.
Took a week off, and tried to run a few times...but the pain persisted.

Looked up the protocol for treating patella tendonitis...

I have pretty much taken it easy for two weeks.  just swimming laps, stationary bike with little resistance.
Been working on PT exercises without weights.

plan on taking a break from running for 3 months.