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Author Topic: small protruding bump on lower knee cap (inner leg side) when flexing (TPF case)  (Read 818 times)

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had TPF surgery in June, 1 plate 7 screws.
it's a small inch-wide protuberance that is only visible when i flex the knee. it seems to protrude forward when the knee flexes. not osgood-schlatter, because it is too high and off-center. the other knee has a hollow where the bump is located on the TPF knee
what in the world is it? is it part of my plate?
my OS is no longer accepting my insurance, so i will not be able to see a new ortho until next month to ask him. this bump has been visible since after the surgery. i had assumed it was part of the general swelling, but it seems never to go away. it's not painful. feels firm, but not bony.