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Author Topic: Snowboarder tears ACL while trying to Ski  (Read 608 times)

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Snowboarder tears ACL while trying to Ski
« on: March 19, 2018, 10:15:04 AM »
I am a little late to this whole post-diaries game but I still wanted to begin documenting my long journey. I am a month post-op so I will give a quick introduction. First my name is Tamara, I am 27 years old with an adorable energetic 18 month old daughter.

I live in upstate NY, I have been snowboarding for 10+ years and decided to try and challenge myself by learning how to ski. I was in complete denial about my abilities, the day before going out for a second time I was watching YouTube videos about how to do back flips while skiing.

The next day I went skiing, I was skiing backwards down the beginner slope (bunny hill as we call it) then decided to go up a green trail. My first run of the day, my goal was to begin working on controlling my speed using turns. I was going too fast and was a bit out of control. There was a snowboarder in front of me and I panicked so I decided to fall down instead of potentially running into them and injuring them. I sat on my bum and my ski's started to slide to the left when I heard a loud pop. I was on the ground for a few minutes just trying to get it together. I decided I was going to just walk down the mountain. I took my skis off and after taking two steps it popped again. Ski patrol came and a guy named "Pat" (which is my husbands name) came to get me and give me some medical attention. He said I probably dislocated it or possibly tore something. He asked me to take a few steps when it popped again. I immediately went to convenient care. Their they took an x-ray and gave me an immobilizer for my knee to wear until I could see the orthopedic surgeon.

Two days later I saw an orthopedic surgeon, while at the office he gave me a once over and told me I'd need an MRI. I waited for the MRI for a week or two, I had to have an interview and my insurance had to approve it. After the MRI I had to wait another week for the results. I met with a new orthopedic surgeon and she showed me the pictures. I had no idea what I was looking at and asked for confirmation that it was completely torn 3-4 times. She recommended surgery so that I'd be able to get back to my active lifestyle. My goals for our family were to be able to ski and snowboard together in the winters. I would be so bummed if I wouldn't be able to get back to that.

I bit the bullet and scheduled surgery for a month later (Feb 19). I was instructed to get ROM back and to strengthen my knee. Once I got ROM back I just fell off the wagon with PT.

Had surgery to replace my torn ACL with part of my quadriceps tendon. I went home with a full leg locked brace, that day I basically slept the entire time with my ice machine attached. The next day I moved to the couch in the living room and went in and out of sleep most of the day as well. The third day I moved around a little bit more. The fourth day I was allowed to remove all of my gear and take a shower. I nearly passed out after looking at my knee. It is just so surreal seeing something look so deformed and abnormal. I went to PT a week after surgery, it was brutal. We worked on ROM and I really struggled with flexion. She gave me exercises to do at home 2-3 times a day and told me to massage my scars and "milk" my swelling up and out of my leg. I got 15 staples removed by day 10 and was down to 1 crutch. I was also told I didn't have to wear my locked brace at night anymore just during the day. I was also allowed to unlock it when I was sitting.