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Author Topic: 2nd week after ACL Reconstruction and Medial Meniscus repair - Right Knee 41 Y.O  (Read 656 times)

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to the forum and overwhelemed with the number of threads going on. If someone can point me to the right thread or a similar question that you would've encountered.

41 years old, Male, India (Asian subcontinent)
- I had a skiing accident and due to which i had to undergo Arthoscopic procedure for ACL Reconstruction and Medial Meniscus repair for right knee. Surgery took place on 20th Mar'18 (10 days ago). My doctor has not taken me off the bandages yet. Currently in braces and keeping it locked most of the time.
I have already done the post op exercise recomended by the doctor and eager to push the button.

1st Question: When should i start putting some weight on my right leg? I'm worried that in enthusiasm i shouldn't damage the meniscus which usually takes more time to heal (Google gyan).

2nd Question: I have been sitting most of the day keeping my legs raised on arm chair. Should i try keeping it folded or stretched most of the time?

Any pointers will be helpful.