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Author Topic: Knee pain after 2 partial knee replacements  (Read 270 times)

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Knee pain after 2 partial knee replacements
« on: March 13, 2018, 03:23:50 AM »
Hello, I'm new to this forum.  Hoping to find some answers.  A bit of history.  In 2012 I had a medial partial knee replacement on my left knee.  In 2016, I had a medial partial knee replacement on my right knee.  Both knees felt fine after the surgery except for a baker's cyst that burst on my left knee and set me back a few months.

Over the past year, both knees have become very painful on the lateral side.  No pain at all where the replacements were put in.  The pain only occurs on usage, no pain sitting or laying down.  Right now my knees feel about as bad as they were prior to the surgery.

My knee surgeon has checked the knees and claims everything looks perfect from his perspective.  X-rays show no damage, good gaps everywhere.  I should mention that my surgeon only did the latest knee, not the previous one.

Right now we're trying PRP injection on the left knee to see if that might stimulate healing.  I'm worried that nothing will change.  Don't really want to do full knee replacement as the knees seem to be okay physiclally.  Most of the pain I feel is in the area behind the knee working its way down the calf muscles.  Very tight in this area.

Has anyone had similar issues following a partial knee replacement and if so, what, if anything helped?  Thanks for your input.

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Re: Knee pain after 2 partial knee replacements
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2018, 07:31:03 AM »
When a Baker's cyst ruptures the fluid can track down the calf area and the symptoms can even mimic a deep vein thrombosis. It is unlikely that this is the cause of your current calf discomfort, but I am just mentioning it.

If you already have bilateral medial arthritic joint damage, it may be that your lateral sides are beginning to wear, even though there is still a gap on the X-ray. Pain often precedes X-ray signs. If so, hopefully the PRP will help.

Do you think you may also have tight hamstrings? Have you tried hamstrings stretches?