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Author Topic: ACL and MCL reconstruction  (Read 155 times)

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ACL and MCL reconstruction
« on: March 10, 2018, 07:28:16 PM »
Hi everyone. I am 8 weeks post op after and MCL reconstruction using a tendon from my shin and ACL reconstruction using allograft.
I had a skiing accident 25 years ago and tore my MCL. I always struggled with my knee and it used to swell after skiing and always felt 'puffy' at the back of my knee after any exercise. I used to exercise a lot but stopped due to a hip problem which turns out could be caused by my knee. My knee used to feel really weak and I couldn't weight bear for about 60 seconds after sitting down so I went to see a consultant who only specializes in knee ligaments and tendons. He said when I did my original injury I would have torn my ACL also. He said my knee was very loose and it did have lots of flex. If I hadn't have had the surgery my bones would eventually start rubbing together so I thought I may as well get it done. The surgeon said my knee was very good inside but my MCL and ACL were like stringy chewing gum.
I am still in my leg brace and will be for another 3-4 weeks.
I have about 110 ROM, I am doing squats with both legs and can do about 4-5 with my one leg.
I can walk upstairs but not got the strength to do downstairs yet.
Where the tendon was removed feels really tight when I walk. I still get lots of pain.
How long does this pain last as I feel like a pair of maracas I am taking that many pain killers.