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Author Topic: continuing knee problems after 3 surgeries...  (Read 857 times)

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continuing knee problems after 3 surgeries...
« on: February 28, 2018, 04:46:43 AM »
Hey everyone, this is my first post. So here it goes. I have previously had 3 ACL surgeries. First one in 2013 and they used hamstring tendon. Second surgery was December 2014 and they used my patellar tendon. Third surgery was November 2016 and they used a cadaver. The current issue is constant instability, constant knee pain that only gets worse throughout the day. If my leg stay in one place like bent or straight without moving it the pain builds up and I have had a few times where my foot would go numb(no idea if its related) Also when I bend my knee with walking it feels at some point like something catches, I actually have to push past this point and it happens every time I step. There is also grinding and popping in my knee with movement. Below are the findings from my most recent X-Ray/MRI. I am a vehicle mechanic for the USAF so I don't exactly know what I'm looking at. Maybe you guys can help me read these and let me know your thoughts on future actions.

Order Date:20171219132200
Reason for Order: s/p ACLR then revision ACLR x 2. Reports continued rotary instabiltiy.
Exam #:17051042
Exam Date/Time:20171220082600
Transcription Date/Time:20171220090600
Provider:20223 DAVALOS, HUGO A
Interpreted By:5647 STRANG, VALERIE S
Approved By: 5647 STRANG, VALERIE S
Approved Date:20171220090400
Report Text: Findings: Left knee series shows evidence of prior ACL reconstruction with a concave defect of the anterior patella likely due to resection of the patellar tendon, best visualized on the sunrise projection. No acute osseous abnormality. No significant arthritic changes. Small joint effusion and minimal prominence of the prepatellar soft tissues.

IMPRESSION: 1. Extensive postsurgical changes as above.

MRI-COMPARISON: 12/20/2017

Findings: Routine MRI of the left knee was performed.

Medial collateral ligament and lateral collateral complex are intact.

Postoperative changes consistent with ACL reconstruction.

Increased fluid signal involving the central portion of the ACL graft with intact fibers. Posterior cruciate ligament is normal.

Small inferiorly surfacing tear posterior horn medial meniscus. Truncation of the body may be degenerative or post procedural in nature.

Lateral meniscus is normal.

Cartilage is normal.

   Marrow signal is    normal. There is no    evidence of acute osseous or osteochondral injury.

Minimal thickening with increased fluid signal of the quadriceps tendon as it attaches on the patella.

Patellar and quadriceps tendons and patellar retinaculum are otherwise unremarkable.

Small Baker's cyst.


Intact ACL graft fibers with central fluid signal may be expected postprocedural change or intrasubstance tearing.

Small inferiorly surfacing tear posterior horn medial meniscus.

Quadriceps tendinosis.

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Re: continuing knee problems after 3 surgeries...
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2018, 03:03:55 AM »
Hey there, I'm active duty as well and went through something similar. My MRI report was 2 pages of some serious sounding things. When I went to the new surgeon, he explained it all in detail and showed me the corresponding images so it makes a lot more sense now. A lot of where my MRI report says 'postsurgical changes' are things that just simply look different from a knee that has never had surgery. It doesn't particularly mean that something is wrong. Try not to worry yourself too much over it until you can get face to face with someone qualified to read it and explain it to you. It really takes an approach of looking at the entire person and their history to put together what those things mean and how they apply to the things you may be feeling in your knee. I highly recommend getting your PCM to get you to an orthopedic doctor if your base doesn't have one.
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Re: continuing knee problems after 3 surgeries...
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2018, 10:40:23 PM »
"Small inferiorly surfacing tear posterior horn medial meniscus. Truncation of the body may be degenerative or post procedural in nature."

This says/suggests you have a medial meniscus tear. I've had many due to genetically bad knees and early-onset issues in my 20's. I'm now 46. I've discovered when the tears  get bad enough, there is often fraying that occurs, where pieces of torn meniscus break off and move around inside the joint. These pieces will often catch & get stuck in any nook/cranny of the knee. They will cause grinding, clicking, pain, swelling---any combination of the above.  :)

Predicting if that will happen and how much it will impact your life is impossible. I've had a few meniscus tears that gave me little trouble, and others that made life miserable (locking/catching daily, making it hard to bend/straighten the leg at times). Those forced me back to the surgeon for an arthroscopy to clean things out and trim the meniscus.

I just had Knee Surgery #10. It's too complex to explain, but one of the obvious parts of it is I knew I tore a medial meniscus back in early April--date, time, everything, as it was  the most painful tear I've felt in 20 yrs of "knee issues." What I DIDN'T know until last week's surgery is there were TWO other older, lateral meniscus tears that had frayed. Apparently, I had multitudes of floating meniscal pieces catching/locking inside the joint. Now I know why I could no longer do stairs the last few weeks before surgery--lots of pieces where they weren't supposed to be. It was completely random when the locking would occur. Hurt like *&^% too.

I wish you the best.

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