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Author Topic: After my second acl surgery  (Read 558 times)

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After my second acl surgery
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:28:26 AM »
I'm new here, I just got my third knee surgery a week ago. (turn my acl in 2015, got a surgery that  didn't stick-turn it again in training- Then got a 2 stages repair surgerys)
In 2015 after my surgery I had to be with a brace on and to use CPM machine, this time the surgeon ( another one) sayed they don't use those anymore though to latest researches.
First surgery was with an Allograft and this time is an Hamstring from me.

I stoped taking my opioid tramadol medicine after like 4 or 5 days because I had less pain and mainly  because of the side effects. Now I'm icing and take paracetamol when really needed.
I was supposed to take Etodolac for anti-inflammatory but after the first surgery it couse me severe stomach pain so I'm not taking any anti-inflammatory right now and I'm a bit concerned about it- should I be?

I'm having trouble sleeping, I don't fine any position comfortable, I ting that with the brace it was easer to sleep because it kept the knee straight and now every movement I made while sleeping is harts and waking me up. I sleep on me back with the leg straight on the bed or on my side with a pillow between te legs. Any suggestions? I'm really tired and just want a good night sleep :/

I also didn't get anything against blood clots, in any of my surgerys in fact... I think that they don't worry about it so much in my country, I don't know, we don't use Asprin here. No one even mentions the risk, just told me to take short walk out of bed as much that I can and do ankle pumps to get blood flowing...

It's a week after the surgery and my knee in still swallow and a bit warm. I'm trying to keep it elevated but I have to say I don't find it comfortable and my leg gets numb

I still don't really have an appetite and I don't know what to do about it- I fool like it make me week that I don't eat well but I just can get more then a few bites, any suggestions? When I do eat I try do eat healthy things.

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