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Author Topic: learning to walk again after emerging from knee brace, not doing so good, depres  (Read 1211 times)

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I had a broken patella but was fortunate enough not to need surgery, just a knee brace and therapy. I am very grateful but have now entered the phase of physical therapy. My therapist wants me out of my knee brace after 8 weeks, as of yesterday. And I tried walking but he kept saying I have to bend the knee, heel-toe heel-toe and lift the foot. And yes, I do have flexibility, a lot in the injured knee. But I feel so indadequate because I can't seem to move my right leg to walk properly.  I have forgotten how to walk and am trying but still seem to drag the leg and keep it stiff ( as my natural tendency) because I did this 8 wks in a brace to keep the knee or bone stable and from further aggravating the fracture. Has anyone else experiencing this sudden inability to walk normally or I should say remembering how to walk. I feel really stupid and my therapist is great, pushing me to walk, walk, walk with bent knee and regular motion. They say the brain needs time to readjust but I really feel like I am slow and wonder if this is normal. Do I need several days to readjust , any exercises anything you could suggest or offer personal experience similar to mine would help lift my spirits.


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Sorry to hear about your struggle, gwendrina.

After injury and (arthroscopic) surgery I have experienced problems to extend the leg as well as bend it normally during walking. Some of it probably due to stiffness, some if it probably due to mentally "protecting" the knee. The stiffness part you can get over with PT, for the mental part I think the best course of action is to just try to relax as much as possible and try to remember your normal motions before injury. It took me several weeks to overcome the mental barrier and start to move the leg normally. I had to actively concentrate on relaxing and "move the knee/leg normally" while walking. Eventually, it became natural to walk normal again. So try to relax, start to slowly (but actively) normalize your walking, and give it some more time.

Good luck!
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I very much agree with Brandon123 on the mental part being a big thing. It's easy to focus on what you can't do rather than what you can. But do the PT work and accept that you can't undo 8 weeks of restriction overnight physically or mentally, but you can overcome it.