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Author Topic: Tight vastus lateralis tendon - how to loosen up? Peptide BPC-157?  (Read 294 times)

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I had far to many surgeries  that attempted a lateral release. It is a long story but the lateral condyle is very sensitive to pain and the tight vastus lateralis tendon pulls the patella into it causing night time pain so I can never sleep through the night. Note the tightest area is within 2 inches of the patella. I have been getting laser treatment with the Theralase TLC-2000 laser and I acupuncture the area. It is so tight it takes much needle spinning to penetrate. I use just about the thickest needle I can find, guage .3mm. It is slowly softening up. I read about Peptide BPC-157 and there is evidence of it repairing tendons. I don't think the tendon has been cut, it is just so tight all around the area, no ridges. The surgeon removed most of the lateral retinaculum as adhesions had set in. Any suggestions beyond stretching and massaging? Thanks.