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Author Topic: Arthrofibrosis Recovery Guide I've written to help you  (Read 208 times)

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Arthrofibrosis Recovery Guide I've written to help you
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:47:57 PM »
**I'm very happy to announce my Arthrofibrosis Recovery Guide is available on my website!**

Like all of you, Iíve struggled, coped, and worked diligently to overcome this condition...since November 2010. Iíve learned, sometimes through trial and much error, a lot along the way.

My clientsí victories, questions, anxieties, and resilience led me to record what Iíve learned about arthrofibrosis recovery in plain English.

My hope is that this booklet will leave you feeling empowered and informed. You arenít alone. Iíve been where you are right now and have helped others get through arthrofibrosis. It gets better. Follow the guidance in this booklet.

You can find the guide here:Ö/arthrofibrosis-recoveÖ/

And my arthrofibrosis page (fact checked by Drs. Steadman and Singleton) is here:


Iíd especially like to thank my friend and fellow arthrofibrosis warrior, Macy, for her pleasantly persistent prods that led me to write this booklet. Macy, thank you helping me ensure Iíve addressed as many arthrofibrosis recovery concerns as possible, and thank you for your editing assistance.

Steven Singleton, MD, thank you for fact-checking and providing feedback on this booklet.

~Heidi Armstrong