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Author Topic: Opposite knee(good knee) pain 8mo post op ACL Patellar autograph reconstuction  (Read 710 times)

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So around 8 months ago, I had ACL patellar autograph reconstruction. Everything is going great on the reconstructed knee. Im hitting all my benchmarks.

However, My good knee is starting to hurt in a horse shoe shape around the knee cap. Should I go to the doc about this issue? what could be some possibilities for cause of pain? Did I mess my other knee up already? Mind you, I used the hell out of the good knee the first 3 months and around the 3 month mark is when I noticed a every day ache in that knee. I thought it would subside with time, but it aches all the time, around a 2-3 on pain level scale. So basically nagging pain. Will this go away?