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Author Topic: Troubles after arthroscopy  (Read 1850 times)

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Troubles after arthroscopy
« on: October 29, 2017, 05:26:00 PM »
Hi, Iím going to tell you about my odyssey.
 Since 2013 I have had knee pain on a regularly basis after sports or long periods of standing. In spring 2016 I was on a meditation retreat which involved a lot of thoso aforementioned things and then I injured my knee during a kneeling posture. As a consequence I had some troubles walking distances over 2 miles or stairs and standing for more than an hour. Furthermore I had a cracking sound every few steps and I felt some kind of a rubbing in the area of the plica. After that incident I went to the os and told him what had happened. He sent me to make a MRI and it came out that I had a slight swelling of the fat pad and close to the plica, too. He told me that I have a swollen plica despite of the plica it selve looking untouched.
After it didnít get better (and considerring the years of minor problems before), the os suggested me to make a plica resection so that I can live a more active life again. After thinking about it for a while I agreed. Mid of november 16 I had my inner plica resection and additionally they smoothed my inner meniscus. The doctor told me everything went well and so did I felt.
After 2 days I should beginn with some light exercises which I got with an instruction sheet and further 3 days later I should start with pt.
When I began with those exercises, one of them was a light version of the bridge and as I bent my knee to nearly 90 degree I felt a sharp pain and my whole leg swelled almost twice the size and therefore I had only a small range of motion and a lot of pain. So instead of walking with cruches for 2 weeks I had to use them for almost 6 and the PT had a lot to do to help me getting better. The OS wasnít concerned by this at all and told me that it would sometimes take a little more time. Even when I told him that Ifelt a sharp pain and tension under my knee cap walking downstairs and that it got warm after using it.
Then the recovery languished and therefore I should start doing heavier training like gym training. After exercising during my walk home, I felt suddenly a sharp pain every few steps during the forward swinging motion of my lower leg and walking downstairs got even worse until I had to use cruches for stairs and my knee locked causing pressure on the soft tissue.
The doctor told me to use ice and ibuís and that this state should soon start to improve. It did a little bit and i was able to walk a little more.. until one day, when I was lost in thoughts and relatively pain free. This day the lift was out of order and Iíd forgotten my cruches.. so I took the stairs and used the wrong leg.. It was only the first step and I used the healthy one for the others and wasnít that painfull, but noticed a strange feeling.
After half an hour, all of a sudden there was a slight swelling and a extremely sharp pain unter my knee cap and a feeling of sth rubbing beneath it and it got warm. These symptomes stayed. The os told me I shouldnít be worried and sent me to make a MRI and which says I have a swelled fat pad. After that he gave me 2 times corticoide injections. The imflamation dropped but since then my knee is extremely sensitive to pressure so that I can sleep only on my back at night.
After a while the other symptomes reduced a little, too, so that I took up pt again (basic exercises). After a while there was only a little stinging pain and the feeling of something being between my knee and knee cap. So my physiologist ask me to try stairs. I was stupid enough to do so, especially because my os told me that nothing would happen because the inflamation vanished. I tried and the first fet steps were ok, but then, a sharp pain and a painfull bakercyst arose, so that I had to stop.
After pt I drove home by bus and when I wanted to sit down on a place the bus driver started jerkily and I fell back into my seat with a loud cracking sound and a feeling of tearing something.
Since then I can bend my knee only for a short time and there is a burning around the place where my plica used to be and sometimes it hurts when I only touch the skin above and it gets warm. I also got pain in the back of my knee, under the patella tendon and from the outer plica. The pain decreases only a little and only so long as I donít use it. I canít stand on it with my full weight for more than 5 min.
Last month I had another mri which says that the swelling lessened but also that there was a slight inhomogenity in my bones around my joint. However according to my os my knee looks good and there shouldnít be any pain. I also still have the feeling that there would be sth that blocks the movement by bending my knee. I was at other doctors and no one can tell me exactly what I have. Some suggest another operation and others that there might be something with my nerves. So I donít know what to do. It would be tremendously helpful if somebody sadly has a similiar expirience and know how to deal with it. The Current situation really troubles my live since on some days I am not able to do the most essential things like buying groceries or doing the household.

Best regards