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Author Topic: Patella dislocation  (Read 1602 times)

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Patella dislocation
« on: August 06, 2017, 04:21:13 PM »
A couple of months ago I dislocated my patella at work and it was out for about an hour. The doctors popped it back into place and had me get X-rays, no immediate damage. The next day I got an MRI done and there was a lot of internal bleeding but no ACL tear (not surprising). I had crutches and such for weeks.  That was back in April.. I've been in physiotherapy now since then, and my range of motion has gotten better, but there's still a lot of crackling and when I fully extend my knee it hurts QUITE a bit. I still can't crouch, but I can go up stairs and walk fairly normal, but much beyond that is strenuous and makes my knee swollen. I'm just wondering if maybe the MRI missed something and I have some type of tear or cartilage floating around in there causing pain, any thoughts? I meet with my ortho doctor this week.