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Author Topic: Knee Dislocation- Bending Leg  (Read 1726 times)

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Knee Dislocation- Bending Leg
« on: September 07, 2017, 09:38:10 AM »
Good Morning All.

29 year old male here from Sunny South Africa :) I dislocated my left knee 17 days ago at indoor footy. Foot just got stuck on the turf and my knee popped out, ref popped it back in. Went to ER, did scan and no tear, just a sprained ligament. I was on crutches and a knee brace. Got rid of the crutches first, and then left the knee brace off since Saturday that just passed. I am able to walk , and only every now and then i limp in one of my strides. There is still a little bit of swelling on the outside of my knee. I am struggling to fully bend my knee though which is bugging me, it almost feels like my thigh is going to go into a spasm. I have tried some of the exercises i found on the net but struggle with them as it involves bending my knee which i just cant. Any suggestions from you guys or perhaps someone is going through the same thing? Please help as no football as put me in a very dark space