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Author Topic: Knee locking below knee cap after ACL reconstruction + meniscus repair  (Read 1153 times)

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Four weeks ago I had my knee surgery involving ACL reconstruction with hamstring grafts and a meniscus repair. My issue is that I have been experiencing locking of the since I started to put some weight on it (after 2 weeks with the help of crutches).

The locking happens when my leg is fully extended and then I flex. Then I can feel just below the knee cap like a pressure or tightness. If I keep flexing the knee this suddenly goes away and visually you can see the skin on the side of the knee cap pushing outwards. Then the locking is not there anymore.

I have read a few thread about this in the forum but the authors who had similar symptoms never posted how this evolved. I would like to ask if anyone here knows what could be the reason of this locking and if anyone has experienced this and how it evolved.

Today I went to see my OS and I commented this. He said it might be caused by the synovial tissue being swollen. As my knee was still very swollen he also extracted part of the liquid with a syringe.