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Author Topic: HELP !! Left Knee Fracture and partial ligament tear.  (Read 309 times)

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HELP !! Left Knee Fracture and partial ligament tear.
« on: August 17, 2017, 09:00:48 AM »
Good Morning,
I got a knee injury while playing Football on 27th July 2017.
My left knee Patella was dislocated for few seconds and i manually got it back to place.

Post which, after 40-50 mins my knee started swelling up. And i went to the hospital to check up.
I have showed it to the doctors in Sancheti Hospital, Pune.

i was taken care of, they put a KNEE BRACE on my left knee and told me to come for MRI after 5-6days, when the swelling reduces.

Swelling did not go as much as i expected. later they performed LEFT KNEE ASPIRATION and removed the dirty blood and swelling reduced.
Post which i went for the MRI scanning.

MRI Reports suggest a Fracture(of medial pole of patella) and partial thickness tear of MPFL.
Along with few other details.

Treatment i underwent..
1. Knee Brace for a week
2. Left Knee Aspiration (Blood was removed) and swelling was reduced.
3. MRI done and Plaster Cast applied.

Right now, i have been put in a Plaster cast for about 12 days.
and the doctors have said the plaster cast will be removed on 26th August, 2017 i.e. after 3 week

i am worried about my knee and this injury.

I am attaching all the related documents(Xray, MRI, Hospital report), please suggest how severe is this Fracture and my Knee Injury.

How long will it take for me to recover ?
is a surgery needed ?
when can i walk normally ?

Please give your input and suggestions on my injury.
Plese feel free to go through all the reports and tell me what exactly is wrong.

Thanks & Regards,
Kshitij Naik