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Author Topic: Anyone else? Constant Setbacks? Meniscus/Joint-Capsular Repair?  (Read 1100 times)

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Hello, all!

New member here.

I suffered a torn medial meniscus of the left knee, about the posterior horn, in April of 2017. MRI showed that I also had what's called a "meniscocapsular separation". I guess, the actual joint lining of the menicus detached or separated.  It happened while I was simply picking something up off of the floor, but, I moved wrong.  Think...a bad lunge form.  I heard the dreaded 'pOP!' and could only walk for about 72 hrs after the incident.

And that was the last time I could walk normally.


I saw two separate orthos who both recommended conservative treatment with physical therapy.  It helped a little, but not enough to get me to walk normally, or without crutches or a cane, or discomfort/pain. Still, I always tried to keep my spirits up.  And some days, that in itself is an exercise!

In November of 2017, just before Thanksgiving, I opted to finally have arthroscopic knee surgery to repair the meniscus tear and the capsular junction.  The surgeon said the meniscus had pretty much scarred over, as it was right at the periphery, but the capsular separation required two absorbable sutures.  No other damage had been detected.  Seemed a success.

January of 2018, my recovery was going fine, it seemed....but now, I keep having 'setbacks'. 

I'll have a PT session, which goes fine.  I like PT.
And then, unpredictably, hours later, I'll begin to have pain, swelling, limping, etc. 

The symptoms will subside. After weeks. But then it won't be long before another 'setback' happens.  And they're unpredictable!! During PT I feel fine! It's long after that I do not.

First setback, at 8 wks post-op, lasted a month.
2nd setback, lasted about 2 weeks.

So, I saw my ortho doc again. He says 'Why don't we hold off on PT for two weeks. See how you do. If by the second week, you're feeling good, try cycling at the gym.' 

And.....I was doing pretty good!
Granted, I'm still kinda using a cane most days. But there are times when I can kinda walk without one.  I still cannot really climb stairs, and forget about advanced things like jogging, etc.


Just this week, I was enjoying a night on the couch with my knees up, nothing remarkable. But my knee must not have liked that position as ...hours later.....Setback #3 arrived.

And this time...I can't blame PT.

So here I am. Back to icing. Elevating. Worrying lol.

I'm not sure if this is....just par for the course? 
Or...if there's a problem with the repair?
Or a problem with how I'm healing.   :(

Is it time to worry? Or just time to be more patient?

I feel like me, my doctor and my PT Staff are a little....stumped.

Anybody out there relate?....



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Re: Anyone else? Constant Setbacks? Meniscus/Joint-Capsular Repair?
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2019, 03:01:04 AM »
Hi Suzanne.

If you are still on this site Iím just wondering how things turned out for you. Iíve been suffering from knee setbacks that are getting increasingly worse for over a year. Tried lots of PT and now waiting for an MRI. First diagnosed as PFPS yet now suspect a meniscus tear.

I noticed that while a lot of threads get started here, there doesnít seem to be a lot of conversation...and your thread never even got a reply! That is also frustrating for you Iím sure.

Still struggling, or did you recover?