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Author Topic: Growing lump above my right knee. Occasional pain when I bend leg.  (Read 511 times)

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When I was a child I played sports fairly regularly. One time around the age of 14 while playing I noticed a pain on the right (outer) side above my right knee. The pain was accompanied by a small lump. I got an X-Ray which apparently showed that I had a bony growth, which I assume means osteochondroma. I don't remember being told this but my mother does, so this is just hearsay. She isn't 100% sure, however. I stopped playing sports and became much less physically active for the next ~10 years and the pain went away but the lump remained.

I'm now in my mid-twenties and earlier this year I started going to the gym, mainly doing weightlifting. A day after one of my workouts (about two weeks of going to the gym) my right knee started hurting again. This time it was extremely painful and it prevented me from being able bend my knee unless I fully straightened my leg first. Going up stairs was very difficult and doing leg exercises at the gym was impossible. I got an X-Ray and my doctor (a different doctor) told me that he didn't see anything too unusual. There was no sign of osteochondroma but he did say I have mild arthritis. He organised for me to have an MRI at a public hospital so I don't have to pay anything at the expense of having to wait in a fairly lengthy queue. This all happened about three months ago and I am getting the MRI next week. I'm not sure how the X-Ray didn't detect anything the second time but the first time it did. Either my mother doesn't remember correctly or the second X-Ray wasn't accurate.

Around one week after getting the X-Ray the pain went away almost completely but it was still slightly noticeable. I started going to the gym again. Then, all of a sudden about two weeks ago the pain came back. At this point it had been around one week since I went to the gym. The pain was different this time. It still only hurt when I bent my knee but the pain radiated down towards my shin, and occasionally there was an extremely sudden sharp pain that made it impossible to bend my knee at all. I rested my knee for a couple of days and the pain went away again and currently there is no pain at all. However, the one thing that concerns me and the reason I decided to post here is because the lump has gotten significantly larger since I first noticed the pain earlier this year. The lump is fairly wide (around 4cm) but not very thick. It's very noticeable when you touch it, but you wouldn't be able to see it unless someone pointed it out, and it's only noticeable when my knee is bent. When my leg is straight you can't see it at all and you have to press pretty hard to feel it. If I press my fingers on to the lump and bend/straighten my knee there is a slight pain and I can feel a cracking sensation.

Like I said, I'm getting an MRI next week and will find out the results shortly after that but I wanted to post here to see if anybody has any idea what might be wrong. Sorry about the wall of text  :P

Thanks in advance.