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Author Topic: Knee flexion and quadriceps muscles inhibited  (Read 401 times)

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Knee flexion and quadriceps muscles inhibited
« on: July 25, 2017, 06:20:47 PM »
Hi I was wondering if anybody could advise me please I had a knee arthroscopy 12 weeks nothing done. I hurt my leg a week later lifting leg up onto couch bottom half of leg went back behind my knee and felt like bottom half of leg fell off could not straighten leg and a lot of burning in the thigh. Reported this to my consultant two weeks after she told me it would be fine. Two weeks later I had a knee mua done in my leg as flexion was only 90 degrees but have being put on the cpm machine numerous times and problem is still there only 90 degrees flexion on my knee. All along I have told consultant that I cannot lift my leg and knee keeps buckling if I walk unaided my consultant just said to do another mua under femoral nerve block. I got a second opinion as I was not my happy going ahead with this as I would be more concerned about not being able to lift my leg second consultant said that it could be femoral nerve damage and that my quadriceps are inhibited and that I should have a nerve conduction study done. My physiotherapist also said need nerve conduction study done as she thinks it is nerve palsy. I am at present attending physiotherapist every week and bought myself the tens machine to use everyday. But my first consultant will not refer me for a nerve conduction study and insists on doing knee mua under femoral nerve block I am really concerned twelve weeks later my leg is not working can't sleep cause knee is sticking at night and don't know what to for the best. If anybody could advise me I would really appreciate I miss not being able to work or drive thank you Olivia
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