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Author Topic: Fracture of lateral femoral condyle and i'm really clueless  (Read 546 times)

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Here's the situation -- 26 days ago, i had a bicycle wreck on vacation and my right leg was twisted in the frame as the bike went down.  It hurt to walk but I was generally without pain while sitting or sleeping.  A quick exam by doc-in-box showed nothing serious.  But as the days went by, I continued to have problems and sometimes sharper pains in my knee.  I cut back on some walking but continued to do a fair amount of activity....finally I gave up & went back to doc. 

An xray showed nothing and the new doc said my bones looked good (at 58, i'm happy to hear that) but sent me in for an MRI for what he said would likely be a meniscus tear.  I was supposed to get results in 48 hours but they called my doc 90 minutes later and said no issues with the meniscus but that I had a "nondisplaced subcortical crescentic impaction type fracture along the lateral weight-bearing surface of lateral femoral condyle with large of associated bone marrow edema." 

So i was called back into office & given crutches but no chance to talk with its saturday (3 days later) and I am "now what?"  I'm supposed to apply no pressure to my right knee (though, at first, the PT said it was fine but then later asked a nurse who said it was not fine....but it all felt a bit non-detailed) and use crutches full time for next 4 weeks.  After that, I have no sense of what might happen.

I will call the office on Monday to find out more but i'm cranky & put-out right now and wondered if there's anyone on the board who might offer insights on treatment and prognosis.  Many thanks.