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Author Topic: Microfracture - Accidentally Stepped "Up" on stairs - 6 weeks postop  (Read 977 times)

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Hello all,

I'm 6 weeks postop from a microfracture in the patellafemoral trochlear groove. I am allowed to walk without the brace today and have some new exercises to do, including some on the stairs.

On a few of them I'm supposed to step "up with the good leg" and back down "with the bad leg". But, I did it backwards two times - stepped up with the bad and back down with the good.

I'm terrified now - my OS said it looks good and the only thing to avoid now are lunges and excess forces with the knee flexed. But, my understanding is the angles I subjected my knee to and the compressive/shear forces are very bad for my knees and that stairs are somewhat similar to lunges in forces and angles, and I'm worried that I screwed it up. I definitely felt pain immediately and realized pretty quickly I was doing it wrong. It's not hurting anymore, but I'm still upset, sad, and terrified. Help/encouragement/reassurance?  :-\