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Author Topic: Severe ankle bruising & pain s/p TKR  (Read 630 times)

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Severe ankle bruising & pain s/p TKR
« on: June 06, 2017, 02:38:45 PM »
My BFF 6'10" hubby had TKR- nonsparing ACL last week. The knee seems to be doing fine BUT his ankle feels as if there had been a C clamp around it and it is badly bruised around the ankle. Could this have been due to cramming size 16 foot into a smaller boot during the surgery. Surgeon blew it off yesterday as nothing and did no radiology studies. Any suggestions as to cause and what can be done to improve the pain?   Soak foot/ankle in hot epson salt tub?  Is this common? I trust this group since it got me thru my comminuted patellar fx. I ahd an awesome recovery until MVA causing MCL injury. Oh, well. But I'm worried about the big guy. Age 65.
2/7/11displaced pat fx- 3parts
2/9 OR: Patella, 2 K-wires & fig 8; immobilize; PWB walker
3/3 sutures out; 30 deg flex FWB walker
4/4 90 deg flex start PT
5/7. 120deg flex. Good healing of kneecap. Wean off walker/cane