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Author Topic: 10 Months RTKR Swelling and Cramping  (Read 338 times)

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10 Months RTKR Swelling and Cramping
« on: May 06, 2017, 12:19:58 AM »
Hello Everyone
I?m 10 months post RTKR.  About 6 weeks ago I started getting cramping and stiffening while I was playing golf.  This followed with the knee swelling and increased pain.  I went back to my surgeon and he said some scar tissue had become inflamed and gave me a shot of cortisone.
I babied it for a week, no golf, no walking in hills around my home, and just did light household duties and shopping.  Most of time icing and sitting in a recliner.  Started back in PT after a week of sitting around, went 10 times and no significant progress.  Leg swelling still there and swelling increases if I do too much.  Also each time I do too much activity the leg stiffens and cramps severely.  I?ve been unable to get the cramping to stop by stretching, I just have to rest it.  The biggest issue was after 10 months is my knee extension; it is around 15 degrees.  The Dr. and the PT director both say the muscles are very weak overall.  I?m trying to strengthen the leg and working on improving extension but it?s been very slow improvement because each time I start to make a small bit of progress and increase my exercise the leg cramps up and swells back up. 
My range of motion, other than extension is decent; maybe 115 to 120 degrees.  My current plan is to continue for another 4 weeks trying to strengthen the leg and see if that eliminates the cramping episodes and swelling.  I feel like it?s possible (50/50 chance) that maybe that will improve things.  The PT said she thought the extension might get to 10 degrees. If 4 weeks from now I'm still in the same boat then I was going to look for a 2nd opinion.  I guess my question is can you lead a fairly active life with a leg that is this badly bent?  For 2nd opinions should I see a knee revision Dr. or a reg. OS?
Thanks! :(