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Author Topic: Modified Elmslie TTT with Lateral Release...  (Read 1902 times)

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Modified Elmslie TTT with Lateral Release...
« on: February 28, 2004, 04:51:01 AM »

My knees have always bothered me a bit when I was growing up... mostly when running in gym class... but I never really had dislocations or anything.   I wasn't a very active person  so at 28, i was 277 lbs, and my knees were killing me.   Stairs were my enemy.

So, I decided to do something about my weight.  I joined Weight Watchers.   After being down over 110 lbs,  my knees weren't getting better.   I was tired of having sore knees so I saw my Dr about it.   He said I had chondormalsia (sp?)  and referred me to an OS.  

He said that my chondromalsia was caused by my kneecaps being so far out of alignment ...    they did x-rays and they were hardly in the grove where they belonged.   He said that since i've already attempted to aleviate the problem with weight loss and increased activity to strengthen my knees without success... that surgery was my only option.  

He said I needed a modified Elmslie TTT  and while they were in there, they would clean up the damage to the back of my kneecap and do whatever else needed done to fix my knee all up.

I had my surgery Jan 14th.   They ended up doing a lateral release along with the TTT.    It hurt like heck out of surgery.   I had it done arthroscopically as outpatient surgery.   I was weightbearing as soon as I was awake.   They put a chryo-cuff and an imobilizer on my knee (because they did a nerve block for pain management).   My post-op instructions were to wear the imobilizer until the nerve block wore off, and I was to wean off crutches by my post-off appt visit on the 27th.  I went home with oxycodon and hydrocodon.

So, I wore the immobilizer for 2 days and spent the rest of the time until the 27th taking pain meds and icing my knee lots.    By the time I went to the appt, I was walking without crutches, but not really bending my knee and I couldn't really lift it without using my pantleg.   The Dr I saw wasn't my surgeon...  weather was an issue so I had to change my appt, but got a different doctor.  I couldn't wait another week because this appt was more for wound check than anything.   The Dr said everything with the incision looked good.  He gave me a paper with some post-op knee exercises to start getting my knee moving and bending... leg raises, and bending exercises.  He also prescribed me some plain darvocet... I think the codine in the other pills was making me nautious.

I spent the next week doing these exercises... I did pretty good with these on my own this week.   I was still taking pain meds and ice was my friend :)   It was only a week until my next appt.   In this week,  I was getting able to bend almost well enough to sit in a chair (or on the potty) without a stool.    The pain was a lot less too...    I found myself not wanting to take the pain meds as often as I had been.  

I had my next appt on Feb 2nd.   My OS said my knee was looking good.   I was almost to 90 degrees in bend after a week of doing the exercises at home on my own.   He said I was ready  for PT.   He prescribed 4-6 weeks of PT.  He also  prescribed me some ultracet, which was non-narcotic so I could hopefully drive soon.  He scheduled a followup appt for March 15th.

So I started PT on Feb 3rd.   At PT I had 4 cm of swelling and a starting bend of 86 degrees.   They had me do biking, seated stair steps, leg press, balancing,  step streaching, calf streach and quod exercises.   The pt lady said I am free to bike as much as I want... she said it would help loosen my knee.   She also said that i was fine to drive as soon as I felt ready (surgery was on my left knee)

At my 2nd PT session, I was already to 110 degrees bend!    At 5 visits i was effectively to 140 degrees bend which is what my good knee is bending at.   They said that my progress was phenominal.   I'm doing PT 3 times a week, biking every morning and doing my knee exercises nightly.

I asked earlier this week about increasing my walking and doing harder at home exercises and they said it would be fine... as my knee tolerates it.   They also said I could go back to the gym and do everything except for knee  extensions.  

So today, only 6 weeks out from surgery and only 3 weeks in PT,   they did final measurements and a second evaluation for my OS.   They said that i'm done with PT if I want... there's not much more they can do for me.   With my progress as it has been...  all that is left is to work on my strengthening and that is just going to take time and hard work on my part.   She said it would be 1-2 more months of work before my knee was back to full strength.

So... they are doing a final report to my OS and I see him again on the 15th.    I'm going to continue biking,  doing my at home knee exercises, as well as going to the gym in these next 2 weeks and see how it goes.  I'm hoping that my OS is pleased with my progress when I see him next.

I'm hardly taking the pain meds now... just advil.   My knee is really only achy now... not too bad really.   I'm walking pretty good, and i'm getting back to normal.   While i've got a bit more healing to do before i can consider it 100% and a success... i think the surgery fixed the problem...   i'll know better in a couple of months for sure.    I'll probably be looking at doing the other one sometime in June.

So, it's been a fun ride :)   (as fun as knee surgery can be)  

Left Knee - Modified Elmslie TTT with a lateral release and patella shaving - January 14, 2004
Right Knee - same surgery - June 9, 2004

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Re: Modified Elmslie TTT with Lateral Release...
« Reply #1 on: February 29, 2004, 12:45:34 AM »
Go Yoda-Go Yoda-Go, Go-Go Yoda ;D

I am so glad you posted here.  It's very encouraging for those of us who are having problems.  My surgeries were minor compared to what you had, and although I'm having major problems with my knee & leg, reading about your success really encourages me to keep trying.  There IS a light at the end of the tunnel-no matter how long that tunnel might be.

Keep up the GREAT work and I am sending wishes for continued improvement & success! :D ;) :) ;D

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