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Author Topic: knee injections  (Read 1831 times)

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knee injections
« on: May 29, 2004, 07:26:34 PM »
Hi everyone,
As a result of a somewhat unsuccessful HTO I've been left with bone on bone rubbing on the inside of my knee. I have constant pain at night regardless of how I lay and some problems during the day. My OS says I should try another HTO ( I've already had 2 on that leg ) or a unicompartmental surgery on that leg.

Anyway, trying to do everything possible before more surgery, I'm having a series of 5 injections to my knee. These are done 1 week apart.

This isn't sin-visc but something similar. I'm hoping for some relief from this. So far after 2 injections I don't feel any better, but of course I have 3 more injections to go.

I know people have mixed results with  this procedure. Good luck to everyone. Larry
arthoscopy('99),HTO(tibia didn't heal 10/01),knee braces(7/02),HTO w/ex.fix. to repair tibial non-union(3/03), remove ex. fix.(9/03),HTO other leg(12/03)