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Author Topic: Dislocated my patella a couple hours ago and i've done nothing about it.  (Read 627 times)

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Here's what happened:
I slipped about two hours ago and dislocated my patella. As it came out the my instant reaction was to straighten my leg as I fell, I landed on my knee as it was out and the ground promptly shoved it back into place.

Why I need help:
I am currently in Spain, on holiday and my return flight is on Monday, it is a four hour flight back to the UK and I'm already worrying about problems with flying, will I be ok to fly? I will leave what I know about my knee below.

I have dislocated my knee once before, two years ago. It stayed out for an hour before getting put back in place at my local hospital, the xray showed no ligiment injuries and they said it was a clean dislocation.

I've been in a moderate amount of pain since it has happened and swelling has come
And now gone. I have started to walk around with little ease and I cannot bend my knee fully nor straighten it fully.

Appreciate any help and advise you can give!

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  • Neelie knee!
You should contact your travel insurance company swap for advice. And also the airline to see if you can travel (in a legroom non exit row seat) or if the insurers need to arrange a medical transfer. You should go see a doctor too

Good luck
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So very sorry this slipped through the net.  :(
I do hope that you found the help you needed one you arrived home.