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Author Topic: Stem cell therapy, too much of a hit and miss?  (Read 2364 times)

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Stem cell therapy, too much of a hit and miss?
« on: March 19, 2017, 06:51:38 PM »
Good day all,

I was curious as to how promising stem cell therapy in its current state is looking for individuals suffering from cartilage damage? I myself have lateral tibial condyle fissures considered grade 1-2 damage - and my arthroscopy surgery absolutely worsened my condition. I've since made some improvement over the course of a year. Though I still have slight discomfort in daily tasks, and my activities are limited to hiking/swimming. I suppose I've accepted it - and am able to carry on with life, but am very interested in anything that could help my situation.

I've been quite interested in stem cell therapy. However, it sounds a bit unpredictable with varying results. Even if performed by some of the reputable professionals I read on this site like Shaw, Leprade or Boyles (I think that was the name) - is it still a bit too much of a gamble at this stage?

As I said I can go about my daily life - without really living it I suppose. Apart from being able to go back to a life without discomfort and being able to do most activities - I would want to stop or delay the degeneration of my cartilage as much as possible. I was informed by my Ortho that, despite the fissures, I have most of my cartilage in tact. I'm from South Africa - thus for me to go abroad to receive stem cell therapy is a huge financial undertaking. Is the procedure, in its current state, still a bit too premature and would it be more wise to wait for it to develop? Are they constantly working towards breaking new grounds with this treatment? And does anyone know of a website or anything I could follow to stay up to date with the latest findings?

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Re: Stem cell therapy, too much of a hit and miss?
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2017, 04:14:21 PM »
From what I've read, to maximize the results, it needs to be done with some kind arthoscopy or open knee surgery. I had mine done a month ago. Open knee surgery with BMAC and fibrin glue on my trochlear defect and so far so good. For the first time in a while my right knee isn't in pain. Before the surgery it used to feel uncomfortable to even put pants on and I'm only 28. Mind you I had a microfracture three years ago that failed. I've also heard BMAC gives systemic healing effects to your other knee, which I'm hoping for because I had to get a scope done on my left knee a year ago because of that stupid microfracture. The only thing that's taking time now is ROM but that's to be expected. Working diligently right now with a CPM, physio and a portable EMS to get my range and quad strength back but not rushing it. Don't want to do this again so I'm doing my doc's protocol to a T this time. For me it wasn't too expensive but I come from Canada and most of it was paid for except for the stem cells kit which I got at cost anyway. In my opinion its definitely worth a try but also depends on the person, financial situation and the severity of damage. Before my knee problems I was a national level olympic weightlifter. I was very active and in great shape. I've probably gained 30 pounds, mostly fat the last 3 years. I know I'm never gonna be able to reach that level of activity again, but if I can get back into shape and be able to do weekend warrior stuff I'd be content. Anything less at this point is unacceptable for me.
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