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Author Topic: Pain under kneecap - goes away after ITB stretch - but always comes back?  (Read 2654 times)

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Hi folks,

I'm new here.  I'm a runner. I just spent 17 months recovering from patellar tendonitis in my right knee and beat it.

However, during my time at PT and other activities I developed a pain in my left knee that feels like its under the patella, and is aggravated even while doing a weightless squat, or walking down stairs, and I feel it both without activity (morning) or after (after a run). 

But I can make this pain go away nearly entirely by stretching my IT band. Though it never goes away permanently and is back every morning.

It is horrible if I forget to stretch my IT band before a run, it hurts for every step for 5 minuets.

But.. somehow I'm not sure that the IT band is the culprit.  My research pointing to either the medialis or the VMO not working right, but I have no way to tell.

My primary, who is not a PT/sports person, suspects chondromalacia and has given me exercises of contracting my quad 150x daily to pull my patella up.  But it only seems to be making my pain worse?

Can anyone give me an idea of what I should do/test next? .. I have access to a university gym.

Thank you all.

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Re: Pain under kneecap - goes away after ITB stretch - but always comes back?
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2017, 05:59:50 PM »
Have you had an MRI?

Find a sports physiotherapist expert in knees to confirm what is going on and get a tailored exercise programme

Do you use a foam roller/tennis ball might be a good step, plus some expert sports massage

A gym isn't really the answer until you have a confirmed diagnosis. Chondromalacia is really a symptom not a cause. Avoid squatting, lunging, leg weighs until you know what's going on. I'd stop running too

There's a good patella primer in the learning hub ^^ link top right
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Re: Pain under kneecap - goes away after ITB stretch - but always comes back?
« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2017, 06:02:38 PM »
How bad is the pain ?? Like would you be close to wanting to go to urgent care?  If so, I would push for an MRI. If it's more of a nuisance , try a course of dry needling , give the PT exercises a short break and then pick it up again if you're getting relief with needling as an adjunctive.
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Was wondering if you made any progress with the kneecap pain...