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Author Topic: Serious Knee Problems. No Diagnosis or Solution. PLEASE Read & Help  (Read 1025 times)

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Hi. Iíve been having knee trouble for over a year now. At first it was one knee that only hurt when I would bend it and straighten it. A physical therapist said I had tendinitis & recommend I ice it and take Advilís each day to help with pain and inflammation. I did that for weeks, with no relief. Over time my knee pain had gradually became more and I play basketball so while running I started to limp. About 5 months ago I went to a doctor and had an MRI done, nothing showed up. He said that I simply had a knee problem that happens with most teen girls and that my knee cap was a little loose so he recommend I do therapy for 6 weeks and sold me a brace to keep my knee cap in place. The knee brace seemed to help with the pain for a bit but then my other knee began to hurt. I started doing therapy for both knees and did for over 6 weeks, it didnít help so I stopped. Now both of my knees hurt when bending and straightening. I canít sit for too long because that causes pain, it hurts climbing and going down stairs, I can hardly run at all anymore, and they even hurt when I simply do nothing. I find that the pain is behind my knee cap and around when I apply pressure to my knees. Also, when I walk sometimes, I will step and my knee will just jerk causing sharp pain that almost causes me to lose balance. Iíve basically gotten to the point that I tell myself Iíll have to get used to this pain and deal with it the rest of my life :( It honestly gets to the point to where I just cry because of the pain. Any advice for pain or suggestions on what I should do? Itíd be greatly appreciated thank you.
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