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Author Topic: ***ATTN: Post-ACL Patella Tendon Pain Sufferers***  (Read 949 times)

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***ATTN: Post-ACL Patella Tendon Pain Sufferers***
« on: February 25, 2004, 09:33:25 PM »

Almost 4 years post ACL Reconstruction, I am still experiencing pain just below the kneecap in what I believe to be the Patella Tendon.  

Upon bending and then extending my knee, I can hear a popping at times.  However, my pain only comes from squatting - especially on only one leg, walking down a ramp or from kneeling.

I can pinpoint the area just below my right kneecap, to the inner upper left of my graft scar, and it is painful to the pressured touch.   Both kneeling on and in touching this area, I can actually feel a slight bump, with the most pain is from kneeling on this actual bump.

After being told there was no issue from two Orthos, an XRay was recently taken by my Chiro, who said it looked like some "calcification in the patella tendon?"

I am very disheartened not receiving any proactive help from doctors and especially not being able to state exactly what my problem is called!

Until the day comes when insurance covers Orthotripsy for the knee, I guess that I have to deal with the pain.

If anyone can help me narrow the terminology or offer specific advice, I'd greatly appreciate it!


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