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Author Topic: My MPFL recon, TTO & throchleoplasty recon  (Read 754 times)

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My MPFL recon, TTO & throchleoplasty recon
« on: November 28, 2018, 08:08:28 AM »
Hey guys. So I thought I would start this diary now - a week out from surgery. I am 22, female with a genetic condition (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome). This causes my joints to disclose regurly and has made my knees absolutely horrid. I wanted somewhere I could diary this event in my life that may also help someone else. Iím had not much luck finding people who have ya all 3 surgerys at once.

I had my pre op appointment today. Basically just got cleared for surgery. I have low blood pressure (around 95/60 ish) and a fast heart rate. I also have had blood clots in my lung so am on lifelong thinners. I have to come off them Saturday, I have surgery Wednesday.

So basically I have been told I will go in in the morning, be given a light sedative. Once Iím in the theatre I will be given a nerve block, and then put off to sleep. When I wake they said pain should be alot less with the block in but I will still feel it. So I will also have a push button machine to deliver pain relief. I have been told I should only been in hospital 1 or 2 nights. Although this is standard to be told here in australia, it just means a bed is booked. I will go home when my pain is managed she said.

So until surgery, thatís about it. This is my first surgery and I am very anxious. If anyone else has been through this, some words of encouragement would really help. :)

Next entry will be after surgery!

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Re: My MPFL recon, TTO & throchleoplasty recon
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2018, 07:43:17 AM »
Hey taymarie,
Good luck with your surgeries!  I've seen a few diaries with 3 at once.  The more common one seems to be just MPFL and trocheoplasty (not the TTO) so it sounds like it will be a lengthy recovery. Hopefully it will resolve your instability.  Keep us updated and Merry Christmas Eve!
Take Care,