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Author Topic: Could this be ehlers danlos syndrome?  (Read 2808 times)

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Could this be ehlers danlos syndrome?
« on: December 17, 2016, 11:45:34 AM »
Hello! I am thinking about having my doctor look into if I could have EDS. About me:
When I was a kid people always used to comment on my flexible joints and I did used to do tricks and show off with it, though I never was as flexible as some I have seen pictured. When it comes to flexibility though I have stiffened, I am now 40, and still very flexible, but I do need to do stretching to reach some goals, but some I can just do like have my hands flat on the floor when standing that one has never been a problem. When it comes to bending fingers more then 90 deg. I probably could do this as a kid, now they stop the about 90 deg.
I have had subluxations and dislocations of the knees and my knees are pretty much ruined. I have also had shoulder dislocation/ subluxation and my jaw has dislocated also, it was clicking in and out and the dental surgeon told me I should not open my mouth so wide in order to stop it from happening. I constantly sprain my ankles...
I have a lot of joint pain and muscle fatigue, IBS and other issues...
I look 10 -15years younger then I am and get a lot of comments on my great skin and so soft, people used to come and stroke my  cheeks just to feel it 😛. I can pull at my skin but this also more when I was younger can still on my hands, neck etc...
I  seem to have some heart rhythm issues going on...
I don't have flat feet, but extreme high arch. I bruise easily, sometimes I get bruises I have no idea where from, but most often my skin heals well from wounds.
I have been going to the doctor for different issues for years.

Does it sound like  I could have EDS?

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Re: Could this be ehlers danlos syndrome?
« Reply #1 on: December 26, 2016, 09:06:44 PM »
probably.  I'm hypermobile, recently diagnosed and quite relieved to get diagnosis really as felt embaressed over how many bits of my body malfunction- the hypermobility explains a lot.