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Author Topic: What kind of excercise can I do with substantial knee problems?  (Read 2520 times)

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Hello ! I am in need of some advice.

I have gone to a physiotherapist, but it is quite some time ago, so I can't really remember what he told me.

I am also fed up with paying physiotherapists, it is costing a fortune I can not really afford right now.

 Background: My knee problems started in my teenage years. When I was younger I was quite active in sports and did some competitive things as well. I am a person who really loves a good workout, and I feel now that I am older 40 I really need it for my health. When it comes to my knees, I started having subluxations, and dislocations when I wad about 14. The doctors gave me many wrong diagnosis, because they did not understand what the problem was, and still to this day my GP doesn't understand the problem( though an othoped does). I tried physiotherapy which did not help, and it was established that my kneecaps are small, too high up, and that the underlying bone does not have a groove deep enough to hold it in place. I have for years been very careful with my movements, like always bending my knees when sitting on the floor and never doing sudden turns, because dislocation is painful and uncomfortable. The bones in my knees are worn and crack (with small cracks I can feel) every time I bend them, I have arthiritis in both.
5 years ago I went through a TTT fulkerson I believe, for one knee. It took a long time to get to use my knee like I do today, but today it is better then the other knee and I am very happy with it, though I was unsure for the first few years.
I do not really have the opportunity financially and practically to do the other knee yet, but I really feel the need, so I think perhaps in 2 years or so.
I have started to excercise : Jumping is a total NO, swimming NO, dancing NO, running NO. Elliptical machine is OK and cycling is sometimes OK and sometimes not ( because I feel my unoperated knee moving badly and cracking).

However I decided to try a group training session with weights and no jumping, and I love it! There are a lot of squats and lunges though :-/ I love feeling my thigh muscles work, and I wear knee supports, but I can not remember if my physio said I can or can not do squats. Getting a good angle doing squats is almost impossible the way my legs are built, but almost there. A lot of the squats are done outwards too so thats OK. However I have started to have some issues with the unoperated knee, bending it properly and sudden pain. I think it is so hard and it totally sucks because I feel I finally found something that is doing good things to my health and muscles, and now I am unsure can I or can I not. Should I take a break, or do I just have to give this one up too?
Does anyone have any grat ideas on exercises that you really get to push yourself in, that a person with this kind of issues can do instead?

Has anybody else had similar issues, and knows something about this?


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Re: What kind of excercise can I do with substantial knee problems?
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2016, 04:27:59 PM »
Assuming the person running the class is fully qualified to be doing so, could they offer some advice?

Normally squats and lunges are to be avoided if you have any kneecap issues, which a TTT would suggest

Personally, better to get professional advice, if not, stick to non loading and weight bearing exercise such as swimming and cycling

The pain you are getting could well be overuse related, something like patellofemoral syndrome, usually caused by muscle weakness and imbalance with or without alignment issues

I'd see a physio and get a programme tailored to your needs, group exercise generally won't be designed for people with anatomical issues unless run by a physio or sports therapist. Try to get your muscle balance and gait checked, and make sure any squats or lunges are done with perfect form, otherwise you could end up with all sorts of issues unfortunately

I understand the money issue, but surely your knees are priceless, at 40 you still need those knees in good health for another 40+ years :)
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