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Author Topic: ACL, knee worse after surgery 9 mos  (Read 370 times)

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ACL, knee worse after surgery 9 mos
« on: November 16, 2016, 04:29:24 AM »
    I'm kind of lost here, so I'll just post the background here, but if you want a TL;DR, I had surgery in February (Torn ACL and Meniscus)and my knee has been worse ever since than it was before.

About August of last year I noticed my knee was swelling and hurt as bent it like in squatting positions.  There was no injury that I can recall.  It kept getting worse and it was awkward to walk on.  I stopped exercising and walking, and after a couple of months it still didn't get better.  Tried PT for another couple of months, same thing, no change/worse.  Had an MRI which said I had some ACL swelling and cysts in there.  Went in to get those cleaned out.  Post OP, my doc said when he went in my ACL was partially torn (both attachment parts were partially ripped of the bones), and both my meniscus were torn.  He said he "Cleaned up the cushions" and edges of ACL, but I didn't need reconstruction or anything because it wasn't severe enough to warrant. 

After about a week, my knee started having a sharp pain along the forward, interior joint line.  That has gotten worse since then.  It feels like my knee is collapsing, sometimes forward, sometimes backwards.  I can Squat, use a rower, and go up stairs without issue.  Down is a bit rough as my knee doesn't feel stable, but just walking (I used to do 6+ miles a day) is always painful.   

My ortho referred me to an arthritis doc about 2.5 months ago.  I got a cortisone shot about 2 months ago and it felt like my knee was perfect for about 2 weeks, but it rapidly regressed since then.  I am waiting on a Euflexa (sp) approval, but I am beginning to think I need another MRI.  Haven't scheduled anything with my ortho.

I'm beginning to wonder if my ACL just didn't completely detach, or if something was left in after surgery.  The sharp pain is driving me nuts and was never there before the surgery.  This has already crippled me for over a year and 9 months post surgery I think I should feel better, so I'm hoping someone has thoughts/advice here.

EDIT, 45, male