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Author Topic: Preparing for BMAC  (Read 2234 times)

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Preparing for BMAC
« on: October 31, 2016, 05:25:40 PM »
Hi all,

Sorry if this topic has been raised before.

I have finally found a practice which performs BMAC treatments in my area. I have contacted the practice and will probably arrange an appointment in the near future. Just to summarize, I have lateral tibial cartilage fissures in both knees (grade 1-2 damage).

I just started PRP and am going for my second session, but would much rather go straight for BMAC and, til now, have been trying to find a practice which offers the treatment.

I would appreciate it a lot if anyone could provide me personal insight. How do you find is best to prepare for BMAC (diet etc.)? Are there any risks to be concerned of? (sure the practitioner will discuss this). How long does one wait before moving about again?

Any tips would be highly appreciated.