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Author Topic: ACL reconstruction number 3 - anyone had it done?  (Read 1006 times)

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ACL reconstruction number 3 - anyone had it done?
« on: October 20, 2016, 02:20:30 PM »
Iv just found out i need a 3rd ACL reconstruction (same knee) & due to both hamstrings already being used for my previous two operations they will need to do this one with a patella tendon graft.

Anyone had 3 done? Im in the UK and will be having it on the NHS, my own surgeon wont do it as he said its going to be a complex one with my previous two already being done so hes referred me to the top guy in the region who actually did my first one and is the one who does more of the patella tendon grafts (and all the ones who have had revisions/failures)

I had the initial reconstruction in 2005 with a revision in 2010. The revision was due to my graft stretching rather than it failing or me re-tearing it. It appeared to just be bad luck.

The 2nd revision is now needed as i twisted it over a year ago but thought nothing of it (despite the pain being like an explosion) as once it wore off i just thought i had twinged it. I then played football for a full season & skied twice! I eventually went back to see a physio as i realised it didnt feel stable any more and is also now very painful on the medial side but as i have osteoarthritis in this area i thought maybe that had just got worse or i may have developed a meniscus tear.

Its been scanned but came back clear (not first scan missed a full rupture) but the physio and two docs all tested it and agreed it was loose but they were 50/50 on whether i had re-torn it/stretched the graft again or whether thats as tight as it will be. My surgeon then looked at it and said straight away that it was unstable again and although the scan shows fibres are intact it isnt functioning, he described it as being like a bungee cord. He has fixed it once so knows what it felt like when it had a working ACL.

I know what to expect as iv had it done twice before - the revision was far worse than the initial one so im expecting this to be as bad if not worse but iv obviously never had this graft before although im aware its more painful with regards to recovery.

I want to be able to ski again, i work in sport and i also do a lot of cycling and gym classes so iv been told i need to think of my quality of life and if i want to do all these things i need to have it done. I definitely cant leave it as it is as i dont trust it all (i do trust my surgeon!). Plus im only 35

So if anyone has been in a similar situation any advice regarding recovery time/how it compared to a hamstring graft would be much appreciated. Im also slightly concerned that iv managed to stretch one graft and damage another (with a twist that if im honest wasnt particularly major at all) so i want to make sure this is the final time! But i dont want to stop skiing/snowboarding so any skiers out there who may be in this position please reassure me haha. My surgeon has said theres no reason i cant ski again after this - hopefully the guy who will be doing it will agree!!

Anyone with a similar story or can give the heads up on anyting id love to hear from you :)