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Author Topic: 6 months post mosaicplasty knee op - should I still be feeling pain?  (Read 322 times)

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Hi, If anyone has gone through the mosaicplasty knee operation and subsequent recovery process, then any advice on this would be much appreciated.

I am 32 year old male - very sporty and active - football (soccer) snowboarding, hillwalking. Have previously had ACL reconstruction 6 years ago and medial meniscus tear op 5 years ago. 

I had the mosaicplasty procedure on a small area of the lateral femoral condyle 6 months ago. This was after experiencing pain and instability in knee from exercise - especially descending mountains. I am now coming to the 6 month point after the op -  which I was told is roughly the time that you should be fully recovered.

My physio programme has generally been going well - a few niggles along the way, but have built up the muscles and control around the knee. Recently returned to hill walking after discussing with physio and getting go ahead - but haven't gone too crazy and have done short walks to ease myself in. My first two hill walks went really well - no real problems at all. However on my third walk this weekend passed, I was noticing a similar pain in the same area that I was experiencing before the procedure. However strangely enough this was when I was ascending rather than descending the hills which is the opposite way around from the problems I was experiencing before the Op?

My question really is, is getting this similar pain in the same area of the knee 6 months after the procedure a bad sign and shows it has not worked? Or is 6 months still early days and it can still take time to settle down?
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